How Much is a Beer Bong?

How Much is a Beer Bong?

The price of a beer bong ranges from $10 to upwards of $50 depending on the type. 

As a note, we'll be using Canadian dollars in this blog post so you may need to convert it into your country's currency. 

Regardless, there are various types and qualities of beer bongs that may affect the price. Let's go over these.

The Single Beer Bong

Single beer bongs are the least expensive as they take less material to produce. Typically a single beer bong would cost you anywhere from $10 to $20 depending on the quality. There are a lot of shitty single beer bongs out there so be careful on which one you choose. It may be worth it to spend the extra dollar or two to ensure you're getting a quality beer bong that will last.

In a completely unbiased suggestion, we recommend checking our single beer bong out. It will cost you $16 and has a stop-go valve along with kink-proof tubing. 

Double Beer Bong

Double beer bongs typically range from $20-$30 as the tubing doubles that of the single beer bong. They are an excellent option and worth it in both our and other's opinions as they can be great fun to drink out of with a friend.

Once again, here is one of the best double beer bong to exist on the planet as of today.

Quad Beer Bong

Quad beer bongs are the most expensive out of all beer bongs. They have 4 pieces of tubing making the price anywhere from $40-$50. The quad beer bong can be extremely fun to use with multiple friends at a party, we highly recommend this one if you want to spend the extra dollar!

We apologize but we really have the best beer bongs out there, check out our quad beer bong!


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