The Ultimate Beer Bong Guide

The Ultimate Beer Bong Guide

Beer Bongs have been around for centuries, it's only natural to want to learn more about them.

This short article will focus on 3 key areas. The history of beer bongs, how much they cost, and where you can purchase one.

When Was The Beer Bong Invented?

The Beer Bong was invented between the 5th century and late 15th century. 

It's difficult to give an exact date regarding the invention of the Beer Bong as the first person who likely invented it didn't remember his invention the morning after.

However, as noted by VinePair, an image from the middle ages surfaced depicting a man lying on his back drinking a beer through a funnel. Medieval times lasted between the 5th to late 15th centuries so we can give a fair assumption that the most prominent evidence of beer bongs being invented was sometime between these centuries. 

Another clear example of this was by a history professor named Ian McNeely. In 2009 he gave a lecture title "Nine Hundred Years of Unruly Students," which offered examples of student misbehaviour dating back to medieval times.

Regardless, Medieval Beer Bongs are in the past and it's time to get your hands on a modern-day Beer Bong. 

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How Much is a Beer Bong?

The price of a beer bong ranges from $10 to upwards of $50 depending on the type. 

As a note, we'll be using Canadian dollars in this blog post so you may need to convert it into your country's currency. 

Regardless, there are various types and qualities of beer bongs that may affect the price. Let's go over these.

The Single Beer Bong

Single beer bongs are the least expensive as they take less material to produce. Typically a single beer bong would cost you anywhere from $10 to $20 depending on the quality. There are a lot of shitty single beer bongs out there so be careful on which one you choose. It may be worth it to spend the extra dollar or two to ensure you're getting a quality beer bong that will last.

In a completely unbiased suggestion, we recommend checking our single beer bong out. It will cost you $16 and has a stop-go valve along with kink-proof tubing. 

Double Beer Bong

Double beer bongs typically range from $20-$30 as the tubing doubles that of the single beer bong. They are an excellent option and worth it in both our and other's opinions as they can be great fun to drink out of with a friend.

Once again, here is one of the best double beer bong to exist on the planet as of today.

Quad Beer Bong

Quad beer bongs are the most expensive out of all beer bongs. They have 4 pieces of tubing making the price anywhere from $40-$50. The quad beer bong can be extremely fun to use with multiple friends at a party, we highly recommend this one if you want to spend the extra dollar!

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Where to Buy a Beer Bong?

Beer Bongs can be purchased from various online stores. Here is a quick list of places where you can purchase a beer bong from. 


#1. 15TheParty


  • High-quality beer bongs: Stop-go funnel and kink-proof tubing
  • We hold inventory of our beer bongs
  • We have single, double, and quad beer bongs for sale
  • We offer free local pickup and $5 delivery within 25km of our warehouse located at 700 Third Line, Oakville, Ontario
  • Our products can be found in convenience stores across Oakville


  • We currently only ship to Canada and the USA. However, we plan on shipping internationally in the near future


#2. Mind Games


  • Cheap price point
  • Includes a valve
  • Flat-rate shipping in Ontario and Quebec


  • Tubing is not the best quality


#3. Beer Pong Canada


  • Long tubing (100cm)
  • Includes a valve


  • Tubing is not the best quality
  • Extremely expensive for a single beer bong of that quality


Take a look at our selection of high-quality Beer Bongs. We have the Single Beer BongDouble Beer Bong, and Quad Beer Bong!