When Was The Beer Bong Invented?

When Was The Beer Bong Invented?

The Beer Bong was invented between the 5th century and late 15th century. 

It's difficult to give an exact date regarding the invention of the Beer Bong as the first person who likely invented it didn't remember his invention the morning after.

However, as noted by VinePair, an image from the middle ages surfaced depicting a man lying on his back drinking a beer through a funnel. Medieval times lasted between the 5th to late 15th centuries so we can give a fair assumption that the most prominent evidence of beer bongs being invented was sometime between these centuries. 

Another clear example of this was by a history professor named Ian McNeely. In 2009 he gave a lecture title "Nine Hundred Years of Unruly Students," which offered examples of student misbehaviour dating back to medieval times.

Regardless, Medieval Beer Bongs are in the past and it's time to get your hands on a modern-day Beer Bong. 

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