Interested in becoming a brand ambassador for 15theparty?

We're looking for brand ambassadors in college/universities around Canada to rep our brand.

What does this mean?

Becoming a brand ambassador for us simply means you'll be given sample products to take to parties (social events).

If you're using the products and somebody asks about them, point them to our website and give them your specialized discount code (we'll give each brand ambassador their own discount code). This discount code will give the person you gave it to 10% off their order. 

Each time somebody places an order using your specialized discount code, you (the brand ambassador) will get 10% of the order.

What's even better?

We've set up a loyalty sales system for our brand ambassadors.

Once a brand ambassadors specialized discount code is used at checkout a certain amount of times, you (the brand ambassador) will get a cash reward.

Our system works as so...

Your brand ambassadors specialized discount code is used at checkout:

5 times > $5 ($1 per sale - amount you get) 

10 times > $15 ($1.50 per sale)

15 times > $25 ($1.67 per sale) 

20 times > $35 ($1.75 per sale)

25 times > $50 ($2 per sale)

30 times > $70 ($2.33 per sale)


We'll track each time your specialized discount code is used at checkout.

Who we're looking for

 We're looking for sociable enthusiastic people who:

  • Want to be apart and grow with our team
  • Are loyal and are looking to make some extra money by simply referring people to our website
  • Will act in the best interest of our brand
  • Are in college or university 
  • Enjoy drinking;)

Is this person you? If so, send us an email at with "Brand Ambassador Inquiry" as the subject line.

After you email us, we will ask you a few questions to get to know you and you'll be on your way to becoming one of our new brand ambassadors!

Note: Our loyalty sales system is subject to price changes. We're testing this system out and will adjust as necessary.