Charity – 15theparty


15theparty will donate 25% of proceeds from every shotgun keychain to The United Nations World Food Programme.

The United Nations Food Programme is providing food to people displaced or made homeless after the explosion in Beirut, Lebanon. Lebanon imports nearly 85 percent of its food, and the port of Beirut, the epicenter of the explosion, played a central role in that supply chain. With the port now severely damaged, food prices are likely to be beyond the reach of many.

The 25% of proceeds from every shotgun keychain purchase will be tracked and pooled together for donation at the end of every month.

You can learn more about how The United Nations World Food Programme is helping in Beirut, Lebanon here.

Prefer to donate yourself? Click here to donate today.

Looking for a full list of charities that are helping with the recovery efforts in Beirut, Lebanon? You can view that here along with full details about the situation.