Shotgun Keychain
Shotgun Keychain


Shotgun Keychain

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15theparty brings you the must-have 4 in 1 party tool

Shotgunning beers is a sport that takes precision and skill. With this portable party tool, you can easily prepare your beer to be shotgunned in a blink of an eye.⁣

However, unlike using a knife or any other medieval tool you've been using (which often leaves a jagged serrated edge that can cut your hand or lips), this shotgun keychain is made of heavy-duty safety plastic and punches a clean, non-jagged hole in your beer can.

  • This portable 4 in 1 party tool can be used as a bottle opener, tab opener, key chain, or to shotgun beers of course
  • Easy to use ⁣
  • Made in the USA with FDA approved materials
All of our products ship directly from Oakville, Ontario prompting fast delivery to colleges and universities across Canada (We'll supply you with a tracking number).

We can guarantee we have the best quality drinking products in Canada. Raise your standards and bring the party to the next level. It really can't get any better than our products. Don't believe us? Order today and find out for yourself!
(Remember to drink responsibly and don't drink and drive) ⁣
Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the Shotgun Keychain.

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